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Fic: A Matter of Honor

Title: A Matter of Honor
Author: louiex
Rating/Pairing: NC-17, Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: Up to s01e08
Disclaimer: Owned by the BBC and RTD respectively, I'm only borrowing for a short period of time~
Summary: When Jack goes missing after a simple recon mission, Ianto is elected to go in after him. But when its more than just a partying captain, the whole team has to fix a much more deadly problem.
Notes: for cyberamanda on get_tw_laid round 1 challenge (go poke the comm, tis grand!). This was a goal I had to do for my own sanity, I've been stressed out lately and thought I was losing my arty mojo... thankfully not!

Loud music beat around him, making the air thick with more than the scent of sweat and sex. It was like walking through a sea once the door slipped shut behind him and the cool night air was cut off. Standing there in his suit and one hand on his earpiece, Ianto Jones had never felt so awkward in his life. 'There' happened to be an all sex leather bar just on the outskirts of the clubbing areas and was the last place that an undercover Jack Harkness had made contact.

The mission was simple enough: people had been turning up dead with lingering hints of alien trace particles in their blood stream. However there was little to study in the corpses as it seemed the trace was some sort of bio-organic organism, which died along with the body which it was within. There was also the lack of similarities linking each of the corpses cause of death. One starved to death, another bled to death through what could only be self-inflicted wounds, and the most recent discovered one had what seemed like whip and ligature marks all over their body. Owen was frustrated to no end as more and more people began turning up dead with no sign of a cure. Using a tracking pattern with the discovery of the bodies, it seemed all the people were from or just around the club that Ianto was standing in that very moment.

The Bucking Stallion.

He honestly wished his eye didn't twitch upon watching the neon letters flicker beside the cowboy who looked far too happy on his horse. Inside was even worse. Half-naked and leather clad figures writhed on just about every available flat surface either to the beat of the pulsing music or to a rhythm of their own as it seemed the majority of the crowd was actively having sex. In the distance on a far wall, several people were bound on black X's and were being struck with short whips and other various instruments.

Tosh's voice cracked in his ear, "Any sign of him yet?" They were worried when Jack didn't come back from a supposedly innocent ('oh it will only take a few hours') intelligence mission. He was supposed to get scans, get maybe a living sample of whatever it was he found here, and then leave.

That being seventeen hours ago, somehow Ianto had been elected to be the second attempt at collecting the data and finding their boss. At first he'd been less than elated by this news or Owen's happy dance at sending out their 'sacrificial lamb' until Tosh elbowed him hard in the stomach. Leave it to Owen to forget that Ianto still wore bandages around the wounds he'd received from their trip to the country only a week prior.

"Nothing yet, Tosh." He had to raise his voice over the ambient sound, letting his eyes gaze over the mostly black-clad crowd as he stepped over a few people who were rather intimately attached on the floor. Ianto let his hand fall from the button on his earpiece and sighed, already feeling like he needed to shower several times after a few people brushed up against him. Their bare skin was glistening with a sort of glittering sheen amongst the natural beads of sweat and Ianto impulsively apologized to a rather buxom young woman who just giggled up at him. Her words were slurred and barely heard over the noises surrounding them. The glitter from her skin rubbed off onto his suit coat and the young man winced, interrupted in his wonderings of how it could get clean as he spotted a handsome man out of the corner of his eye.

Politely pushing away from the girl as she tried to reach for his face, Ianto wiped his hands off on his jacket sides -it was ruined already as everyone here seemed to sparkle in kind- and made his way to what almost looked like a stage. It was packed full of people dancing, pressed from ankle to shoulder as they moved in a sea of skin and barely there fabric but right in the center was his boss. Grinding up against a rather skinny blonde man and leaning back against a completely nude woman behind him.

Ianto's mouth fell open a bit at the sight. Jack was almost oddly overdressed in his white tee and slacks, braces hanging loosely against his thighs which rocked with the pace of his hips. Pressing his hand to the plastic in his ear, Ianto couldn't help the sigh that fell past his lips before he spoke.

"I found him. He's... relatively unharmed."

Gwen's voice broke through, concern writ in every syllable. "What do you mean 'relatively'? He's not hurt is he?"

He watched Jack practically fuck the youth in front of him, noting the swell of arousal in the boy's cut off shorts before he cleared his throat. "Unless you consider dry-humping a go-go dancer as hurt... its like all the people here are caught in some sort of thrall. From what I've seen so far of this orgy, its as if that pheromone spray was dumped here by the bucket loads."

Ianto resisted the urge to smile as he distantly heard Owen sputter in the background about an orgy as he let the button go on the earpiece. Carefully edging his way to the stage -and trying his best to not encourage any of the exceedingly friendly attendees of the club to notice him- Ianto grabbed at Jack's braces and all but dragged him from the flesh sandwich he was within. Receiving an armful of his captain was hard enough but thankfully the dancing people behind him actually bolstered his narrower frame from tumbling onto the floor.

Jack meanwhile just laughed, his body was like a furnace as his arms came up around Ianto's waist to steady them both. "Hello there," he said with a smile and ever so casually slipped a hand around to lay a broad palm against the curve of the younger man's ass. "What's it take to get under that cute suit mm..?" The smooth voice, the easy smile, honestly if it weren't for that same glittered shine over his flushed skin then Ianto wouldn't have thought Jack was worse for the wear.

Until he kissed Ianto. Taking advantage of the slackened mouth to plunder the soft lips as his tongue twisted impossible shapes that made Ianto's knees threaten to give way. He really shouldn't be kissing back and blamed the heat, the scent of sex all around them, and most of all Jack for being an unfairly good kisser.


"See, I have this theory...."

The young man jolted from his half-awake stupor, wounded body aching in protest to the sudden burst of movement. He ran his fingers idly over his arms in a nervous habit, feeling the bandages beneath his rolled up shirt sleeves while his eyes flicked from the random sequences before him to Jack in his 'dressed-down' state at the door of his office.

It was an odd intimacy they acquired after Lisa's death.

Jack would wake from where he slept in that barrack beneath his office, emerge half dressed and spot his youngest team member working late... again. Sleep was the enemy that Ianto fought on a regular basis, surviving on energy laden foods and an ample supply of coffee should fatigue perk up.

First he dreamt of Lisa and the monster he thought he'd become. Now... now he was sliced up and eaten alive in his dreams.

"And in this theory you, Ianto Jones, actually are known to close your eyes and sleep on occasion. I know, I know. It sounds crazy..!" He walked over to the desk, crystal glasses in each hand and dropped one down into Ianto's hands. The amber alcohol inside sparkled a bit in the Hub's low light and Jack gave a nod of his head, a quiet command to 'drink', as he sipped the scotch in his own glass.

A few weeks earlier and Ianto would have drank it none the less, but he would have expected to wake up retconned back into primary school. There was a lingering fear of that happening even now. Ianto quieted it down by tipping his head back and swallowing the burning drink in one go before his body shivered in protest at the welcoming poison.

His captain just smiled and put a hand on his shoulder, a soft squeeze as he sighed and looked to the work spread out over Owen's desk. It was little things, minor detailing of old cases or spreadsheets of the less than glamorous aspects of their organization. Book balancing, always a good no-mind task at half-past three in the morning, and budget managing. Jack finished his own glass and set the two aside just as quietly as he'd fetched them in the first place when Ianto finally replied to him, "These things won't do themselves, sir, not since you stopped Tosh from attempting to animate the computers into low-grade sentient beings a few months ago."

"Non-office hours, Ianto, and yeah..." The sharkish grin crossed his face for a moment as Jack's mind reeled back obviously into the memory of the team having to fend off stray cabling bits as the computers were attempting to run everything themselves. That was a mistake uploading alien computer 'helpers' into the system. "Still, c'mon. This can wait at least until lunchtime tomorrow," he paused to grab Ianto's arm to drag him from the vaguely comfortable chair he was in now. Broad hands reaching for Ianto's tie which, ordinarily, would provoke a reaction from Ianto other than compliance. Usually.

Now however the world was swimming around him, blurring in and out of focus as he felt Jack's hands slid the silk out from along his neck.

"You drugged me..?"

"Always quick, one of my favorite things about you, Ianto. Other than that ass of yours of course."

A flash of teeth became clear for just a moment and the younger man began to go into their predictable 'harassment' banter but a jaw-cracking yawn stopped him. Instead Jack began to walk Ianto over towards the couch, keeping one arm around Ianto's waist and the other hand just over his sternum. It was so oddly warm and Ianto was so tired that he could barely keep his eyes open so instead he gave a push.

Jack fell onto the couch, laughing a bit however, and did just turn to settle himself at one end while helping Ianto to lay out as best he could. His thigh made an excellent pillow, Ianto observed almost distantly as he curled onto his side where his boss directed and laid his head in Jack's lap. Those same warm hands from before made minor adjustments and settled them both in before one settled on the soft curls just behind Ianto's ear.

"Dreams are just dreams," his voice was unfairly soothing despite Ianto's best efforts to not succumb so quickly to the drug's effects. "Don't get caught up in all the bad things that you've seen so far in life, don't take it home in your head, Ianto. Remember... remember how she laughed. What it felt like to hold her hand or touch her cheek. Remember the good things about her and let the monster who preyed on that slip away where it belongs."


"And this?" the rippling of his words through Ianto's fuzzing brain were followed by a touch to the bandages on his wrists from the handcuffs, the extensive -but healing- bruising on his chest hidden under expensive shirts, and the slowly scarring little nick of the butcher knife on his throat. "Reminders that you survived again. Honestly, you are one of the most stubborn human beings I've met when it comes to surviving. Just keep on doing it, Ian... that's all that really matters.

Now sleep."

It was the longest and most dreamless sleep he'd had since Lisa died.


There was a sigh of frustration from the petite asian woman as she smacked her hand against the side of the desk. "We haven't heard from him in a few minutes," she said as she turned to the others. "I don't like this."

Owen however just gave a snort and shrug of his shoulders. Once he got over the fact that Jack was trapped in some alien-fueled orgy he couldn't stop laughing to himself on the fact that it was Ianto who had to go pick him up. Truly, the last person who should be attending any kind of sexualized romp! Just picturing him in his suit, fussing about cum stains on clothes or chairs was enough to keep an almost giddy feeling wrapped around the doctor for weeks to come.

"He's probably just distracted by all the sex that he's not been having, tea-boy'll be fine."

If he didn't know better he'd think Tosh was up in arms about Ianto because of a more personal reason. True, he did risk his life to save her but to Owen it still didn't outweigh the whole Cyberman thing. Besides, she fancied the doctor and that didn't seem in any hurry to change so he flashed her a reassuring smile which did seem to help Tosh settle her nerves.

"Ianto?" Gwen finally spoke up into her own earpiece, bracing for the loud music from the other side already with a wince to her face. "Ianto can you hear us? Did you take the scans yet?"



It was an interesting predicament to say the least. His mind had wandered off to memories of a few nights ago while his body in the meanwhile became shoved up against a tall bar top thanks to his boss's never ending quest to map out every millimeter of his tonsils. The sound of voices in his ear, tinny but just loud enough to be heard over the music surrounding them, did bring him somewhat back to his senses. Something told him that he should focus on the little voices and perhaps question why he had such little concern for his currently very hands-on Captain.

Enough to at least break for air and attempt to respond to the team back at the Hub. Jack however, seemed quite content to bite at his neck or start in on undoing his tie.

Scans... scans... "Oh right," he finally replied once his hand found his earpiece as he pressed the button again. "No... give me one minute and I'll run the scans of the whole room, Tosh you think it will be clear enough?" He had to let go of the button in order to hiss because Jack bit him a bit harder, not enough to hurt just to feel his pulse race quickly under the skin before it subsided away.

"Should be fine, just affix it to something sturdy or hold it still yourself."

The young man gave a nod and shifted against Jack, turning his head to look for a sturdy area before settling on the bar behind him. He put his back to the amorous captain and fought the pangs to turn back round, "... Just thought I'd let you know. I think I've been a bit compromised by whatever is around here. So its quite possibly passed by skin-to-skin contact if not airborne."

Jack was laughing softly behind him, larger body pressed against Ianto as he stroked a warm palm over his employee's stomach. Ianto did his best not to jump or make a sound until he convinced his fingers to once again let go of the open channel. Taking several deep breaths, Ianto had to steel himself to ignore Jack's hips as they pressed against his backside or his hands which had now worked up under his shirt.

Really, he should be protesting more but it was odd... a detached sensation between body and mind that found little problem with the way the night was proceeding onward.

Removing the scanner from his pocket, he unhooked the clamping spike at the base and set it at the worker's side of the bar. It was an alien device that Tosh was extremely fond of but was rarely granted permission to use on the grounds of it was very unsubtle in how it worked. Resembling a lightning rod when affixed and fully extended, it was collapsable to be no larger than a slightly wide pen and could fit easily in a person's pocket. She found it in some Rift debris that appeared to be a classic little black doctor bag, winning rights over the items from Owen in a game of cards.

Taking a moment to warm up and extend to its five foot height, the small node at the top was pulsing a soft blue and would until Ianto triggered the button at the very base. He reached out for it but Jack's hand clamped down upon his wrist, pinning it flat to the dark wood surface with a rather noticeable degree of strength.

His eyes were oddly bright, the blue-gray depths burning into Ianto and his mind finally caught up to what his Captain had been up to in the meanwhile. Not only did his belt seem to vanish, but Jack's other hand was almost delicately clasping the opening of his fly.

"What did I say about bringing technology outside of the base..?" It wasn't particularly fair how Ianto still couldn't quite tell if this was Jack or if this was alien-orgy Jack. His voice still held that same lustful timbre, the toothy grin, the fire in his eyes when he was really really looking at something; it was all the same. Ianto felt the blur of intoxication in his own body however, noticing the clingy glitter-like substance was all over his hands and presumably his face now especially if it was merely passed by touch and not a by-product of exposure.

God, Jack was still waiting for an answer and all Ianto could think about was how excruciatingly hard he'd become while his mind was off trying to work.

He licked his lower lip, ignoring the swell of his heartbeat in his ears as he thought of a reasonable answer. "To always ask your permission, Jack..?" It seemed to be the right one as the man's hand relaxed on Ianto's wrist and distantly through the haze of whatever this was, Ianto felt his wrist ache in pain. Yet only for the briefest of moments however did it actually hurt. Where the hurt should remain, a warm flush of pleasure spiked and faded out until there was nothing wrong with his arm.

Jack seemed far less distracted than Ianto did and pinned his body more firmly against the bar. Silver poles ran along the base for people to rest their feet and Ianto sought refuge with his right foot for enough leverage to press his boss back enough to be able to take full breaths of the thick air.

"Please, Captain?"

Smiling, Jack's hand cupped Ianto through the expensive trouser material and ran his fingers delicately along the inseam. Ianto tried to ignore how embarrassing his response was as he groaned and closed his eyes to stop them from just about crossing as waves of heightened sensation ran past his nerves. His fingers dug into the bar top as his back arched in compliance to the touches and the only word that Ianto could pry from his brain was one from a high-school science class.


It was something that happened in female mice, a curvature of the spine to raise their hips to encourage male mice to mount them in a much easier fashion. Images flashed behind his eyes of the slide show, of being bored out of his mind but taking notes regardless, of the captain of the football team giving him a rather flirtatious wink.

"Scans," he scolded himself under his breath and Ianto opened his eyes while reaching out to flick the rather simple switch at the base of the device. Finally allowing himself to settle back against his boss with some relief as the node atop turned green. It shot out harmless laser sights, falling randomly over several people and scanning their bodies from top to bottom gathering every bit of information available on a cellular level.

Jack meanwhile had undone Ianto's pants, pressing him hard against the bar once more as the trousers fell halfway down the younger man's thighs before stopping because of his spread legs. Ianto was again reminded that he really ought to have a problem with this. That Jack's hands shouldn't feel as good as they did finally meeting skin or that the heat from what could only be his boss's own prick pressed against him really shouldn't make him shiver in anticipation.

Or arch again.

Let alone grind back with a soft exhalation of another, "Please, Captain...?"

His mind wandered once more, flitting back to his little desk behind the beaded curtain of the tourist center and into a small file in the top left hand drawer. A rumpled, vaguely legible list entitled '50 Reasons why not to shag Captain Jack Harkness'. Ianto blamed Suzie for starting it and for the vodka mixers they had after a long night for allowing them finishing it. It was one of the few times he spent time alone with Suzie for a prolonged period -this was of course before the Glove induced madness- and found her drunken conversations highly entertaining.

Needless to say they were both a mess, laughing and half draped over the conference room table by the time Jack returned from dropping Owen and Tosh off at their respective homes. His dramatic entrance, coat swishing, arms crossed, and a 'well what have we here?' response to the scene only had their giggles stifled before falling over one another again.

Suzie buried her face into Ianto's shoulder, using his tie to cover her eyes when Jack managed to pry the page from her hands and read the title aloud. By the time he reached number eight, Jack couldn't help but laugh himself and settled beside his two coworkers to try to bring up evidence to disprove their claims.

Ianto couldn't remember one of them now. All he knew was Jack's heat at his back, a cool brush of something slick -leave it to Jack to be the sexual boy scout and have some sort of lubricant on him at all times somewhere- from Jack's fingers on his hips, and finally the sudden sensation of being full as his captain thrust slowly into his body. He arched again, muscles in his back giving a spasm from the sudden curve as he fought to breathe and find his grip on the bar before him.

Breathing seemed a cumbersome and secondary desire to getting more and more of Jack into his body. Jack was murmuring against his ear these little soft, soothing compliments and all Ianto could do was gasp the other man's name. Pain flared up, almost an echo of what it should have been as his nerves cut off protest and blossomed into an almost mind-bending pleasure. He groaned low and pressed his foot down hard, sliding the last bit of Jack's heat into him with the little bit of leverage he had.

Logically, Ianto knew this should hurt. Using a simple tab a into slot b principle of a sexual encounter between men, there ought to be a lot more to encourage slot b into being so compliant. Ianto's head had fallen back onto Jack's shoulder as his mind reeled from an almost crippling rush of a feeling that could only be called 'ohgodsogoodsogooddon'tstopyoubastardohgod!!'. Which he was relatively certain he'd been babbling once his mind recalled there were more letters in the alphabet then j, a, c, and k.

The scanner's green light flickered over them and registered their bodies tangled together, sending back the information as merely just another two people in the club.

Then there was nothing more than Jack. Nothing more than the pull of his hips, the strength in his hands, or the inexplicable and wonderful sensation of a good, rough fuck. There was no way it could last for long, his mind considered as his body ached for more until the pleasure would plateau and a new designation of 'more' was demanded.

Jack bit any skin his mouth could reach with the both of them still mostly clothed. Scratched where his hands could slid along the pale Welsh flesh, leaving small red welts in their wake which lanced fire right to Ianto's own aching arousal.

There was no pain and in his mind's eye, Ianto thought of the self-inflicted wounds on one of the victims. Instead of pain where pain should go, it was as if his nerves were rewired to read only pleasure from every action done onto his body. From the new bruises on his hips in the shape of fingers to his face being buried against his arm as his fingers curled over the far edge of the bar and oxygen deprivation made shapes dance before his eyes.

His mind knew he should hate this, knew he should be screaming and fighting it back because it really ought to hurt. His body ached to know more, to break open and invite Jack inside just for a bigger rush.

One of the captain's large hands fell upon his cock, squeezing the very base before pulling up in a slow stroke that counterbalanced the fury of thrusts into his body. Jack was leaning over him, covering Ianto like a handsome blanket as his hips began to ease down as well. There it was, a burn that should be pain but just made Ianto groan in pleasure as Jack slowly moved over every inch of his insides to tease them to the fullest degree.

"Ianto... Ianto," Jack was nearly cooing his name into the younger man's ear as his body trembled with an ache for release. Words fell like rubble from Ianto's lips, things that would have made his religious aunt twist his ear until it popped free surely. He lifted his head, repeating them over the music just loud enough for Jack to hear and the older man smiled. Jack's skin practically shone in the occasionally passing green light thanks to the glitter but Ianto was relieved to see his boss's hands shaking. It was some reassurance to see that this wasn't normal for either of them until the shaking hand gave a rather alluring twist and Ianto's mind just about melted out of his ears.

He came with a shout and felt as if a tidal wave must surely be flying out of his body, the mess staining the dark wood siding of the bar. No one around them was the wiser, no one cared and Ianto barely noticed Jack's own climax even though it came with three hard thrusts back into his body.

With his body now two fathoms beyond fatigued, Ianto's mind flickered through what he could have learned here. All he settled on while waiting to regain the sensation in his legs or for Jack to help him stand up straight was the notion that pleasure to this degree was most certainly deadly.


Owen was reviewing all the scans sent straight back to the hub with a quiet intensity. Simple defining characteristics like sex, age, height, and weight allowed him to group the people into different levels of exposure. He'd been forced to classify this situation as an outbreak, something that contaminated people and effected them right down to the cellular level.

There was an unnatural spike in every person's endorphin and testosterone levels drew his attention. It would explain the way Ianto described the crowd like a hypnotized group fuck. Though there wasn't much he could tell without a much more in depth analysis... which meant he had to get someone in here to possibly create a counteragent. Hell, maybe even a reduced exposure would just let it dissipate out of their systems.

"Tosh!" The doctor called her name without looking away from the readouts on his own monitors. His mind buzzed back and forth while he chewed the top of his pen, finally blinking and breaking his gaze from the numbers to find his friend typing madly away at her own station. Gwen was beside her, one hand on the back of her chair and Owen grumbled slightly as he got up to join them. "What you got there?"

The petite woman seemed proud of herself as she finished typing and sat up, sighing out the last bit of what was perhaps tension. She motioned towards one of the screens which had a map of the area where Jack and Ianto were. It looked almost like a thermal map as there was a reddish glow at the center with a similar red dot not far off, the rest of the luminescence was yellow or orange clouding tight around it.

"I managed to create a scanner from our satellites here which allowed me to track the living alien trace down. There's the club and that," she paused to point to the second dot which appeared to be only a few blocks away at the most. "... well, that looks like a point of origin to me. Whatever started this outbreak started there cause its burning as hot as that entire club."

The two of them looked to Owen and the young doctor balked slightly until his mind kicked in a loud 'second in command' complete with loud trumpeting music behind it.

"Alright then girls, get your things and suit up. Gwen, get in touch with your PC friends and have them close off the area, say its some sort of infectious disease or something like that. Good enough to keep them from sticking their heads in once the place is sealed off. Tosh, think you can grab up whatever started this?" There was an innate sense of pride when giving orders and having the two women nod their heads in response while reaching for their coats. "Ianto said it might be airborne or pass by touch so mind yourselves out there."

Gwen tugged on her messenger bag while sliding her phone out of her back pocket and dialed with her thumb without looking at the keypad. Her eyes were on Owen as her brows furrowed together slightly. "What will you be doing then..?"

The doctor shifted from where he stood after pulling on his white coat and ran a hand through his short locks. A slight smile and snort of disbelief was heard as he finally spoke, "I'll be setting up the honeymoon suite for Jack and Ianto once they get back here. They'll have to play guinea pig until I can find a proper cure for this, if there is one.

Trust me, you have the better jobs."

Ianto didn't remember getting his clothes back on or the vague sense of clean that he seemed to be feeling just then. His eyes opened and he was sitting on the floor with his back to the bar with Jack's hands on his chest. The warm palms smoothing down the lines of his suit and brushing over a lump against his ribs which Ianto realized was the replaced scanner.

His entire body hurt, every muscle twitching randomly from strain but it just made his eyes close again as he groaned from the head rush of dull pleasure it sent him. Jack's eyes flickered up to his face and Ianto couldn't help the soft murmured response to the attention, "Never walking again..."

The captain did laugh softly and put his arms around the younger man, standing him up onto his feet and Ianto heard him hiss slightly as well. A sharp intake through his teeth as he moved his weight from one foot to the other and again, Ianto felt better knowing this was Jack dosed up on whatever this stuff was.

His body however was pulsing, wanting more of the pleasure and firing off all sorts of signals to his mind to push the limit but there was only so much he could do with the fatigue working against him. Jack must have seen it in how he leaned almost his entire body against the broad chest of the older man as he hadn't taken his arms away from Ianto yet.

Someone else reached out for them, hands landing on Ianto's hip and somewhere on Jack's back. An instinctual twinge in the younger man's chest shouted for contact and he grit his teeth until it hurt, taking that to feed this new addiction as he reached up and shoved this other man away.

"Jack... Jack, why didn't you leave?"

Those sharp eyes were fatigued when they swung around to catch Ianto in his gaze. How the man lasted here so long when Ianto was already nearly dead on his feet was a wonder. Ianto leaned up, kissing him softly before sinking his teeth into Jack's lower lip hard and felt a shiver cascade through his boss's body as he pulled back. He needed to know why Jack stayed behind, why Jack didn't just run when the first inclination hit of an altered state. Surely if Ianto could tell then his boss was four or five steps ahead of him.

Jack was surprisingly quiet though for a long moment. He shifted against Ianto, their hips falling into this subtle rocking motion which only made the younger man cling tighter to Jack's shoulders.

Distantly a voice called out to him, words in his ear and Ianto had to shut his eyes to listen for it while blocking out his own racing heart. "Ianto, you and Jack need to get back to the Hub as quick as possible. Owen's going to stay to set up someplace for you two to be quarantined-" Tosh's voice was a decent reminder that he still had a job to do even if he somewhat tuned her out after that. That there was more to life than Jack's hands or Jack's mouth, despite a roaringly popular belief that the majority of Ianto was otherwise screaming.

"Got my second wind just before you arrived. Couldn't let them have at you now, could I..?" The smooth cadence of Jack's voice was in his other ear and Ianto just slid his hands up a bit higher to hold onto the thin tee shirt fabric even tighter. It sounded like a lie but Ianto didn't feel like questioning it then. "We've got to get out of here. Need to get back to the hub."

Course that meant he had to drive, his polite little car was parked only a block away but the image of he and Jack attempting to behave themselves in his car didn't seem very... traffic friendly. At the very least the two of them were able to stumble outside into the cool night air, a sting on their damp skin which both seemed to embrace before moving along.

It was too far to walk and damn if Jack wasn't already waving about at a cab. "W-we can't take a cab, it could endanger him..!" Ianto was shocked at Jack's disregard but obliged enough to allow himself to be dragged thanks to Jack's fingers sliding into his pants just by the line of his hip. The cabbie didn't seem to mind as they all but fell into the back seat before sitting up in a moment of sanity like normal passengers.

"Millennium center, as close to the fountain as you can get us."

Ianto dug for his wallet with shaking hands, biting back the groan as Jack's hand gripped his knee. He ended up throwing all the money he had up front, nearly enough to have the man drive them halfway to London from here but he didn't care. Hopefully it wouldn't be enough to transfer anything to the older fellow, he seemed just fine but his eyes flickered to the two flushed and somewhat sparkling men in his back seat. Jack just grinned, a flash of normalcy again as he spoke, "Eyes in front, please."

He considered scolding Jack. Ordinarily he would scold Jack. However right now it seemed far more important to let Jack pull him across the leather seat so that he was half against the door with his legs parted so that his boss could lean over him for a hard kiss. More bites and Ianto shivered, arching up against him and digging his neck into the door behind him which stung at first but then there was Jack's tongue tracing an old set of teeth marks on the inside of his lower lip....

The car ride must have been at least fifteen minutes but it seemed just long enough to get Ianto frustratingly hard again. The driver coughed to get their attention and reached down to gather up the bundle of money thrown at him earlier.

"Millennium center, water fountain, as you gentlemen asked for."

Jack blinked and reached up, unlocking the door and opening it with one hand while holding onto Ianto with the other and practically carried him from the car. The younger man tried not to laugh when they finally fell over onto the paving stone. Hearing the squeal of tires in the distance as they finally began to descend into the Hub, Ianto squirmed as the cement dug into his back with Jack's weight pressing down above him.

Absently he recalled how the paving stone usually unnerved him as the ability to fall off was likely should one not stand perfectly still. Which he and Jack most certainly weren't doing as they rolled from one side to the other until it came to a stop with a loud shifting of gears.

"Oh god save me now," a voice droned on above them. The two men looked up at a silver hazmet suit, the visor tinted to hide the face but the tone could only belong to one person. Jack sat up first, helping Ianto onto his feet and grinned while reaching out to poke one silver shoulder.

"Do we get to unwrap you or is this a new dress code you're trying to have catch on?"

Owen snorted from inside the suit and moved behind, giving them a shove down the walkway. "Right right, you're shag happy and suddenly now I'm on your menu. Just keep focus on the teaboy and we all might survive this long enough for my genius to go down in history... again."

Ianto wasn't sure if he could describe owen's actions as feats of genius but couldn't argue the logic in putting them into one of the larger holding cells several floors down. It had a small shower at the back and nozzles between the light fixtures for various gases to be released.

The door swished shut behind them and Owen took off the mask, sighing softly as he tucked the helmet under his arm. "Welcome to hotel Torchwood. There will be no wake up calls, there will be minimal room service, and I very well might tranq your arses if I have to."

He turned and walked away, ignoring the fact that Ianto most assuredly stopped listening as soon as the door shut thanks to Jack stripping down to shower at the hottest temperature.

"Off to save the world... again, you owe me Harkness!"


Looking back over the past few weeks, Captain Jack Harkness had to count his well played blessings. After a week of agonizing tests from Owen, being sedated and IV fed in order to not die when he and Ianto were awake as they were fucking each other's brains out... or biting... or anything to feed their addiction.

He knew the taste of Ianto's skin, his sweat, his excitement, and his blood. It wasn't something he was bound to forget even if it seemed the younger man had. Jack was relieved to some extent to hear that those who survived the exposure lost their memories of just what happened to them. As far as Ianto knew he went looking for Jack, got into the club, and then it all went hazy until he woke up in a cell utterly exhausted a week later.

Losing chunks of time was never fun and Jack knew this from experience so he didn't question Ianto's first worry that he'd been retconned against his will. However once that was settled -despite the amusement of Ianto socking Owen in the face for thinking the doctor was up to something funny- the welshman took a few days off to recuperate and it left Jack wiping the internal CCTV footage to help keep the vague deception.

He also had the only -and non-documented experience- of dying thanks to the infection. Jack got carried away the first few hours, his rush and desires getting the best of him. Dying caught in the throes of pleasure with some buxom blonde woman beneath him because he fell and clipped his neck on the stage they were beside hard enough to break it. It was a rather un-flashy way to go but in the end, oh god it was indescribable. An ecstasy like no other that felt like a supernova behind his eyes.

The ultimate pleasure when your body refused to acknowledge pain was death. A flash of light that burnt every nerve into nothing just before he tumbled into the darkness. Jack thought it was beautiful as he came to, finding himself caught between several other unconscious bodies. He thought he was free, resurrected without the infection until it swept him back up once more.

Then Ianto came in and god... he was beautiful. Jack took it upon himself to protect Ianto from further infection by keeping him apart from the rest. The sex was... an added bonus to his heroism of course.

It was Tosh who finally put the last bit of the infection puzzle into place. She finally cleared off the bits of debris from the canister and worked out the basic alphabet late night about two days after Owen's cure had been administered.

"Its going on about the excellence of this one nation over another on a planet..." her voice trailed off as she hummed over a few glyphs and typed in another set of codes to rework the variables of sound. " Of a planet called Phelaxius..?"

"Oh... well then, that makes sense."

She jumped, not expecting Jack to be standing behind her as he read along with her results. He'd have to put this into the reports later, they sat waiting on his desk with the sealed canister and the one copy of the CCTV as a visual showing of the symptoms along with Owen's own scrawled notes. Jack just smiled lightly at her, rubbing the side of his face as he leaned his hip against her desk and allowed his mind to wander back, back into old memories to properly explain his realization.

"The Phelaxius species is one that... well, they don't take deviations well. Very strict rules, very painfully religious too, and if you're found guilty of one of their great crimes -of which there really are far too many- then you can be put to death." Her eyes were rapt as Jack found many were when he explained things that no ordinary human should know. "Such as laying with someone of the same sex or over indulgences of a more primal nature like say... sex or lust. If any Phelaxius citizen was infected with that then no matter if they couldn't remember or were even in control they would be put to death by their own allies or more likely kill themselves.

That canister is a weapon of one of the many civil wars it seems. Germ warfare out to attack their honor with just as much fervor as their bodies, Tosh."

The woman's mouth moved, speechless for a moment and Jack just sighed as he gave her shoulder a squeeze. "That's cruel, it wasn't even their fault and they would still die?" she looked up at him from where she sat and Jack could only offer her a sad smile.

It was all locked away in the vaults; never to be opened or bothered again as the risk was too high to have it be dispersed into the atmosphere should they attempt to destroy it.

Thankfully, after that life moved on. Jack pressed it to move on of course, shouldering through a psychotic alien hell bent on using Tosh to her advantage. A highlight of that? Really impressive transport technology that he got to tinker around with... and encouraged Ianto to do the same. Of course to keep him in the fold of the group, it didn't hurt that it also meant the young man was bending over the low table in the weapons room to take readings.

But the technology was utterly worth noting as well.

Then came Suzie's grand return, working them all around her little finger until the very end. Jack wasn't used to being the pawn, far too comfortable in the captain position to be knocked back by a madden woman who only wanted to live.

Course he understood her desires. No one really wants to die, especially if the only thing out there was an ominous nothing waiting for you. Jack couldn't help it that he... well couldn't die. But still he was torn up because of it, shaken to his core from his bruised ego to his frightened curiosity of what was moving to seek him out.

Then came Ianto and his stopwatch. Such an innocent little proposal but the smile, oh it was one he remembered from those nights when they were conscious enough to fall together on the cell floor. Ianto knew very well exactly what he was offering and Jack snapped it up, finding the hint of that feeling from weeks ago returning. The want burning low in his stomach and a similar glint in Ianto's eyes was all Jack needed to push himself away from the morgue with the promise of a familiar taste on his tongue and the steady ticking of a stopwatch filtering into his ears.


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  • Fic: The Saint and The Sinnerman

    Title: The Saint and The Sinnerman Author: louie x Rating: R Series: Sherlock (BBC) Pairing: Moriarty/Moran Word Count: 2452 Disclaimer: Spoilers for…

  • Selling Artbooks!

    Long time no speak, I know, but I just wanted to give a shout out to anybody who might be interested in some CLAMP Tokyo Babylon, X, and Gundam Wing…

  • Not entirely dead

    Indeed Tumblr has eaten me alive in many ways -see my page here - but I have not entirely strayed away from the merry lands of livejournal. At least…